I’m Gonna Blog Again

A few weeks ago I’m talking to a beautiful girl at a bar in LA (I won’t name names but let’s just say the girl’s name is Sassafras and the bar’s name is Jessica.)  We just met, but we’re hitting it off, she seems to be strangely in tune with my comedic sensibilities (I’m getting READ MORE


Booed off the Stage at my Home Club

There’s a story comedians will often tell each other after a bad set, and that is the story of Dave Chappelle getting booed off the stage at the Apollo Theatre, back when he was a teen in the early 90’s. It’s a comforting story to a comic who just bombed, because Chappelle became such a READ MORE


Day 901: Flow

When a comedian doesn’t do well it feels like a struggle.  When we do well, it just flows.   That’s the best way to explain it. Every now and then (more often for some than others) a set will just flow from top to bottom.  A magical set, where the crowd was on board with READ MORE