Booed off the Stage at my Home Club

There’s a story comedians will often tell each other after a bad set, and that is the story of Dave Chappelle getting booed off the stage at the Apollo Theatre, back when he was a teen in the early 90’s. It’s a comforting story to a comic who just bombed, because Chappelle became such a READ MORE


Day 939: Stray girl tries to go home with me

I don’t mingle with girls often after my shows. Mostly because I’m shy and they have big boyfriends with tattoos. [Tweet This] Despite what people think, comedians don’t get THAT much attention from women at shows. That said, occasionally some inebriated skank will throw herself at me, and I have to figure out what to READ MORE


Day 892: Comedy is like Crack

There’s all sorts of similarities between the feeling one gets from performing comedy and hard drugs. Fast heart beating, feelings of power and euphoria, loss of money and friends and family. [Tweet This]   But unlike most drugs, we can only really get our fix at night, when stages are available.  It’s like being hooked on READ MORE