Booed off the Stage at my Home Club

There’s a story comedians will often tell each other after a bad set, and that is the story of Dave Chappelle getting booed off the stage at the Apollo Theatre, back when he was a teen in the early 90’s. It’s a comforting story to a comic who just bombed, because Chappelle became such a READ MORE


Day 928: Realize that I believe in God

I’ve never thought myself to be very religious, but I recently realized that I am indeed a man of faith. [Tweet This] Here’s my religious history: -When I was 7 I was baptized as a Greek Orthodox Christian. Long story. My grandparents wanted me baptized as a Christian, but my parents (who had become hippies READ MORE

Day 365! I made it! Or did I..

Hark! What’s that the angels are saying? It is Christmas? And on this Christmas Day I will receive the biggest gift I have been awaiting, of setting my world record of 365 consecutive days of comedy?? I put on my Sunday’s best and drive on down to Napa for my private gig at the Embassy READ MORE