I’m Sick and Tired of All This White Bullshit

The snow!!  Oops, I meant to post a pic of a snowflake.  Eh, too lazy to change it.  I swear I’m not racist, I’d hate snow if it were any color (except whatever color my skin is).  It’s just that I’m sitting out here in New England, where, historically, olivey-brownish guys like me get held READ MORE


Day 915: Representation: Do you need a Manager/Agent?

‘Who are you with?’ a common question amongst established comedians in the industry. I’m with Susan, my girlfriend, that’s what you mean right? No, who are you with for management/representation? Ohh, I’m unrepresented. Conversation stops. Do you need a manager/agent? If so, when should you get one? Do you seek them or let them seek READ MORE


Day 786: Everything You Need to Know about the College Market

Jk, this was my first time doing doing a college showcase, so I don’t really know much, but that’s a catchy title right? Might as well stay and read the rest of this blog right? Don’t leave! No! As you may not remember, on Day 668 I got word that I booked a showcase spot READ MORE