Booed off the Stage at my Home Club

There’s a story comedians will often tell each other after a bad set, and that is the story of Dave Chappelle getting booed off the stage at the Apollo Theatre, back when he was a teen in the early 90’s. It’s a comforting story to a comic who just bombed, because Chappelle became such a READ MORE


Day 944: Digging a hole to try and get out of it

Sometimes, for some of us, when things are going too well and easy, we create problems in our lives. We do this partly to entertain ourselves with drama, but also because we get off on solving problems. We get some kind of joy out of being in a rough spot and seeing if we can READ MORE


Day 841: How to Know if Your New Material is Good or if it’s Just Funny to Comedians

‘But I did it at the Meltdown open mic last night and it killed!’ Yea because you were playing to an audience of your peers. Typical crowds don’t have the same sense of humor as the dark, lurking, jaded minds that us comics have. Of course there is variance amongst crowds and comedians. And very READ MORE


Days 823-824: Killing at Places you once Bombed

Feels good doesn’t it? You were too new, or the vibe was off, and you ate it that night. But then you come back to that same venue, maybe the next night, maybe years later? And you absolutely….don’t suck…you do well. Maybe you kill, that’s even better. For me it’s kind of a necessary part READ MORE


Day 300: Bombing my Letterman Audition

Sometimes comedians use the word ‘bombing’ in a way of self pity over a set that wasn’t our best, even though we know we really didn’t bomb bomb…but when I say it here I mean it. ┬áThis was probably the worst bombing I ever had, simply because it was painful. Not just because of the READ MORE