I Just Signed with the Great Brian Regan!

A good name goes a long way in show biz. My name is Sammy Obeid (pronounced ‘Oh-bade’), and phonetically, it’s a complete sentence. The cop yelled ‘put the gun down!’ Sammy obeyed. Yea, that’s right, I carry guns.

There’s a lot of great comics out there, and one of them is Brian Regan. He’s clean, clever, and successful. If you haven’t heard of him, look him up. If you work with him, it’s an honor and a sign that you are doing well. Now, I’ve never met him personally, but I recently hired an assistant with the same exact name. That’s right, Brian Regan is working for ME!

A few months ago I decided I could use an assistant due to both the extra money and responsibilities that the college circuit has granted me. I hate booking flights, rental cars, hotels, etc. It’s so time consuming, and I am an artist…I need my time for creativity. I first hired an assistant in New York and she quit after one week, that’s how annoying these tasks are. It takes a special soul to be a comedian’s assistant. The right amount of sacrifice and tolerance of narcissism and bad humor. I wondered where I could find my assistant soul mate, and then my agent handed me the resume of a young up and coming gentleman who just moved to LA from ATL. His name is Brian Regan, he’s clean, clever, and soon to be successful with all the sh*t we are about to get done! Again, he is not the famous Brian Regan, but you can still find him on twitter/tumbler/instagram as FMchubs.

I know, you’re wondering, ‘Wow Sammy, did you just hire him off of his name alone?’ The answer is, yes! Sure he went to NYU, has extensive experience as an assistant to a comedian, and just loves being involved in the industry, but all I care about is that when I put his name on paper, it’s going to say ‘Created by Sammy Obeid and Brian Regan’. Hell, I may even put his name first. ‘Brian Regan and Sammy Obeid’. People are going to be asking, ‘Wow, who’s this Sammy Obeid that Brian Regan picked up as a partner? He must be a very special person to be chosen by THE Brian Regan!”

I’ve been working with Brian for a week now and I must say he’s amazing. I like him even better than the famous Brian Regan. And most importantly, he’s all mine. This is a full time position, signed in contract. And though some of you may be lucky enough to meet him personally, you will know him through all of the posts he will be making as me on social media, because I hate doing that sh*t too! In an ideal universe, the comedian should simply be doing the creative work, in order to function at optimal levels, and produce the maximum funny content for the world. It’s a greater good thing…it’s really not as selfish as you’re making it out to be…I’m all about efficiency and specialization. And this isn’t just my theory, it’s one of the many laws of economics. The universe created these laws for us. We were given the choice to either obey them or struggle to accept them. And guess what?

Sammy Obeid.