Day 826: Guy tells me he loved my work on Last Comic Standing

Right, I’ve never been on Last Comic Standing, but I’ll take a compliment when I can get one. After rocking a crowd of 7 in the Tenderloin in SF, a guy comes up and tells me that he had recognized me from LCS, and that he just knew it was me the whole time, because READ MORE


Day 825: Choosing your set for a competition

Tommy T’s competition preliminaries, Friday late show. First rule of competitions, likeability precedes funny. Thus, ‘winning’ the crowd over is the goal as opposed to just making them laugh. So, personal jokes do the best, jokes about you, that are unique and memorable. That’s why you’ll always see me talking about being Lebanese in competitions, READ MORE


Days 823-824: Killing at Places you once Bombed

Feels good doesn’t it? You were too new, or the vibe was off, and you ate it that night. But then you come back to that same venue, maybe the next night, maybe years later? And you absolutely….don’t suck…you do well. Maybe you kill, that’s even better. For me it’s kind of a necessary part READ MORE


Day 819: ‘I’m a Comedian, I have no Health Insurance’

Comedians get to enjoy a lot of luxuries that 9-5’ers don’t, like sleeping in, setting our own hours, and ample vacation days. But we also give up some of the perks of real jobs, like health insurance and respect. It’s a classic comedian line, ‘I have no health insurance’, usually used when you ask them READ MORE


Day 816: Social Media and Timesucking

Have you ever gone on your computer to get a file, and then less than a minute later you’re on facebook, scrolling the news feed wondering, wait, how did I get here? It’s like a black hole where all your friends are. In 2009, China banned facebook…same year, China becomes the world’s leading economic superpower. READ MORE


Day 815: College Tour Day 1, UT Dallas

For years, I’ve wanted to play colleges, ‘get in’ the college market, build that youth fan base, play for those warm young giggling crowds, and get that college money…and now it’s finally here! After booking over 50 colleges at NACA nationals in Nashville last month, I’ve been getting mentally ready for a lot of traveling. READ MORE