Day 762: Doin Somethin

People in LA are not real people. They are tainted with an agenda. Even the garbage man has a secret movie project he’s working on. Everybody is doin or aspiring to be doin somethin. But not just a simple thing, like I’m doing acting or I’m doing comedy. Doin somethin specific. Something HUGE. Something that’s READ MORE


Day 760: Signed up for Therapy for More Stage Time…

In LA therapists are like personal trainers, if you don’t have one, you must not be that successful. Some of us just get therapy to tell others that we go to therapy. I decided to go to increase my hours of performance time. Okay, okay, for real though, your boy is having some mental/emotional issues READ MORE

Day 759: The Big Black Wall Cont’d

Woke up feeling like garbage today. Maybe because of all the fro yo I pounded last night. Goddamn life of a rockstar. Today was definitely a ‘big black wall’ kind of day (recall Day 738, my grandma’s fortune reading). My confidence was low, optimism drained. But I still have to make my rounds. Held rehearsal READ MORE


Days 755-756: Indio is not the same as Palm Springs; Heckler gets put in jail

Some people live in the middle of nowhere and get mad when you mix up their nowhere with another nowhere. I drove out to Indio on a Friday, it took as long as it does to get to Vegas, about 4 hours. Why are so many people going east on the 10, when there’s nothing READ MORE