Day 736: Headline Crow’s Nest Santa Cruz

One of my favorite spots! Rowdy but intelligent. They’ll eat you alive if you don’t have confidence or substance. Love the Santa Cruz vibe. Though tonight they were not as rowdy, intelligent, or interested, still a good time though. I got the seared Ahi kabob. Pretty darn good! Did an hour. Haven’t done a long set like that in a while, it was a little rusty, but they enjoyed it. And they’re welcome!

Day 735: Indian Wedding in LA

I got a last minute booking through my boy Kabir ‘Kabeezy’ Singh, who couldn’t make this Indian wedding, so I got to emcee. As expected it was a logistical nightmare, started late, things out of order and they tried to cut my joke portion from the show. I told them no way, I have to do stand up every day! They said sorry we can’t fit it in. So when I was supposed to go announce the cake cutting, I snuck 4 minutes of jokes in until they cut me off. I got about one laugh per joke in a room full of 500. Got it all on tape too! I went with the homegirl Marcella Arguelo and we had fun. Money aside, I do these things for the Indian buffet that comes with it.

Day 734: Sports Basement SF

I thought this was going to be a sport’s bar but it’s actually a sporting goods store. Smelling like rubber and equipment. Downstairs is the show, with a few ladies in front and mostly comics in the back. I do my ‘thang’ for 20 minutes, running the light some, and then I dip out. I BARTed it to the city today, which is nice, and then I took the bus to downtown to my next show which ended up getting cancelled, so I went to a Thai restaurant and ordered spicy catfish red curry with eggplant…delish!

Day 733: Almost sold out San Jose IMPROV

Headlined my home club tonight, the place where I started doing standup 5.5 years ago, and where I started this streak on Dec 26, 2010. It all came full circle 2 years later, as I headline my own show, which was almost sold out! 350 people or so in the theatre, filling up some of the balcony. Great show!

Day 732: SF Business!

Nice day after Christmas, went up at The Business at the Dark Room in the Mission, great show, got some laughs, and headed over to close Our Little Theatre in the Tenderloin, good times. Then went over to Dirty Trix Saloon in the inner Richmond to yell new ideas out at comics (open mic).

Day 731: Breaking the World Record on Jesus’s Birthday

Hark! The angels sing once again. But what are they saying this time? That Sammy Obeid officially holds the world record for consecutive days of stand up comedy. 2 years, one of which being a leap year. It was one year ago where I found out that I had to extend my journey from 365 days to over 2 years to beat Hal Spark’s record. And I made it! A lot has changed along the way. Getting on TV, various promotions, a break up, some weight gained, lost, gained, lost and gained again. Still standing. At the Layover bar in Oakland, the city where I was born. 15 minutes of gold for 20 people. 270 more days to go, to set the the world record at 1,000. But from here on out, every day is a new world record.

Day 730: Christmas Eve Show, and Another Unexpected

My buddy Rich Freedman, reporter for the Vallejo Times Herald, set me up a special show at the newspaper’s office in Vallejo at 3 p.m. I just did a quick 20 minute set so people could be on their way. We had about 20 live ones and I got some gas money from Uncle Ric, my savior, like JC also Jewish. I was done for the day.

Or was I? Later that night I’m out with friends at a house party, and they dare me to get on the mic. I do a set of my worst puns and get heckled by my friends and a mean drunk chic I don’t know. Worst set of the year, but I had a helluv a time!

Day 727: Rooster T Feathers, Home for the Holidays

One of my favorite local holiday shows, a nice 20 minutes away from my parent’s house in Fremont. Sunnyvale is the epitome of suburbia in the silicon valley. Some people laughed hard, some people held back, but I think they were all listening. After I went out to a place called Lido in San Jose, drank tequila and danced for hours. I was dared to break dance, and I definitely break’d my hip.

Day 727: Ayurvedic Doctor

Today is the winter solstice/end of the Mayan calendar, December 21st, 2012, and I’m doing something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now: visit an Ayurvedic doctor. If you don’t know what that is, you definitely are not a hippie, or hipster, though you may be hip, in fact you probably are hip in many other ways. India’s ancient science, Ayurveda, has been an major contributor of Eastern medicine for many many years. I got into it when I was 17, through Deepak Chopra. Since then I have been living like an old Indian man in most things I do. If you believe this kind of sh*t, you will find it interesting. I also follow the lunar calendar and believe in zodiac so go figure.

So I go to see this Ayurvedic doctor in Fremont, as I have been having a lot of emotional stress, pains in my chest/heart, and feeling overall lousy. She evaluates me, both physically and through questions. Her prognosis is that I need to strengthen my liver. The liver is the detoxifier of the body, and thus also processes toxic emotions. She told me to cut out seafood, nuts, salads, cheese, and yogurt. Seafood and nuts are like staples of my food economy. There’s no way I can just get rid of those, but I can cut down. She says I need to drink whole milk every day, which will be a change, since I’ve been avoiding dairy for quite some time. Ayurveda believes that milk is extremely nourishing to the body’s tissues. Bread also, thank God, because there’s no way I’m giving up that. Then for protein she said I have to avoid garbanzos (umm I’m Lebanese!), chicken sparingly, no beef, lamb in tiny amounts, and if I want to eat meat I can have goat, as much goat as I want. For real?? This is where I drew the line. I’m not gonna be that guy who just eats goat. Go out with friends to a burger joint, ‘Umm excuse me do you do any of these in GOAT?’ My dating life is effectively over.

Anyhow, she says I need to rest more, do well to my liver, and that I’m doing fine sexually, which good in Ayurvedic terms means you aren’t getting laid much, but I still took that as a win for this visit. I’m going to integrate some of the food suggestions and see if I feel better. This was my transformative experience for the dawning of the age of new consciousness that the Mayan’s spoke of. Or I’m out of 150 bucks for a scam. Either way I’m sippin on some organic whole milk right now.