Day 644: Longest Day ever and New Record

Here was my schedule today: 4:30 a.m.: Wake up, shower, get dressed and drive to Burbank airport. 5:30 a.m.: Park across the street and walk to the airport. TSA gives me an extra search as usual. I leave some water in my bottle so after I make it through the checkpoint a TSA says I READ MORE

Day 629: Defending my Own Reputation on

I get a text from a fellow open miker telling me I’m on the front page of, a site I’ve heard of but not paid much attention to. Turns out some guy on the internet was wondering: ‘Which comedian said the joke, If the ice caps melt, polar bears will steal the land from READ MORE

Day 616: Walked 5 Feminists at Claremont College

Word play isn’t for everyone. It often gets groans and ‘ohh’s and ‘tssss’. But never had I seen it walk anyone. That changed at my performance for Claremont College’s Freshman class, a few days before their first day of school. The set was going fine. They seemed to really like racial material, smart jokes, and READ MORE