Day 314: Marc Maron Finally Talks to Me

After opening for him for for three days…Marc Maron finally opens up to me. He seemed talkative the first night I met him but, he just didn’t really talk to me. It started when I walked in the green room and he was deep in conversation with Nato Green, who was middling. They were talking about Jewish things and the Holocaust and then he asked me my heritage and I said “Lebanese-Palestinian”. Things got quiet. After not knowing what to do, I just walked out of the room.

We don’t talk that night or the night after. Then finally, on the 3rd day, I get off stage, and he says, good job. I say thanks. That made me feel better that he watched and appreciated my set somewhat. And that made me feel the need to say something. So I told him how much I enjoyed his half hour special on Comedy Central and how I watched it a bunch of times it was so great, because it’s true, I did. Still though, I don’t idolize comedians or suck d*@k. Which is probably why nobody has taken me on the road. But suddenly, after complimenting his work, he started to open up to me, which makes sense because him doing that to me is what opened me up. So it turns out we were really just the same person, afraid of being vulnerable to someone we don’t know or know if they like us or not. We talked about politics, and his experience as a comedian, and the podcast, and just life in general. It was such a dramatic turn from the nights before, and I realized it was pretty much all my fault for not being sociable in the first place. It’s funny when you think someone doesn’t like you, but it might just really be that they think you don’t like them.

Anyway, my parents come to the early show the final night, and though they liked Maron, they absolutely love Nato, as I knew they would. I told Marc my parents were there but he didn’t seem to care much. We didn’t really talk that 4th night, and now I wasn’t sure why. I was opened up, what happened to what we had last night. Don’t you remember, Marc? Don’t you? Is the opener given just one night of talk time? If I ever become a national headliner, I can’t promise I’ll be nice to the opener, but I at least promise consistency. I’ll either talk to him/her or not. Because any other way is just messing with their emotions.

Though at the same time, I’ll admit, I didn’t lace him with compliments that 4th night, which may have been the way to start a conversation. Is that why they call it the opener? It’s your job to open up the convo with the headliner. To be open with your emotions so they can theirs? To warm their heart just like you warm their crowd? It’s just so hard. Especially when you only have 10 min. Argh. Either way, thank God I’m middling now.